Internet Drivers education - course outline

This online drivers education course has been designed and developed by educational experts and is approved by the CA DMV.

Chapter 1: Driving Responsibilities

Chapter 1 Introduce the student to some of the general responsibilities associated with driving, the meaning of a driver license, the importance of driver education, and the impact of the automobile on society.

Chapter 2: Signs, Signals and Roadway Markings

Chapter 2Acquaint the student with purpose and meaning of traffic signs, signals, and road markings.

Chapter 3: The Effect of Natural Forces on your Vehicle

Chapter 3Acquaint the student with some of the natural forces acting on a vehicle while stopping, maneuvering, and during a crash. Explain why certain features of a vehicle and maneuvers mitigate the effects of crash forces.

Chapter 4: Human Physical and Psychological Issues

Chapter 4Acquaint the student with important physical and psychological issues of the driver. Includes vision, hearing, emotional state, and an introduction to the effects of alcohol and drugs.

Chapter 5: Licensing, Registration, and the CA Vehicle Code

Chapter 21Acquaint the student with the laws and procedures for obtaining a driver license, registering and owning a vehicle, and the scope and general content of the California Vehicle Code.

Chapter 6 : Vehicle Systems

Chapter 6Acquaint the student with a vehicle’s main systems and components in terms of their purpose, safe and legal use, maintenance, and certain economic considerations. Includes vehicle purchase issues.

Chapter 7: Rules of the Road and Safe Driving Practices: Urban and Rural

Chapter 7Acquaint the student with the rules of the road and safe driving practices. Includes issues dealing specifically with city and urban driving, rural driving, and freeways.

Chapter 8 : Accidents, causes and prevention

Chapter 8Acquaint the student with the causes of accidents and how to prevent them. Includes issues dealing with defensive driving, fi nancial responsibility, and accident reporting.

Chapter 9 : Sharing the Road

Chapter 9Describe for the student the issues related to sharing the roadway with other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals. Includes issues dealing with pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, large trucks, emergency vehicles, animals, school buses, construction equipment, trolleys, and trains.

Chapter 10 : Alcohol and Drugs

Chapter 10Acquaint the student with the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving performance, how the law treats driving under the infl uence, and how to avoid accidents involving alcohol and drugs.