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Packages & Prices:


Driver Training Package: 6 hours behind-the-wheel training

This program consists of 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driver training by the professional driving school instructors. It is divided into three lessons of two hours each. Students will learn basic driving skills to operate a motor vehicle safely using proper driving techniques, and will also be prepared for the DMV test. Free home, school or work pick-up and drop off. Lessons are offered 7 days a week.

Professional Driving Lesson (Behind-the-Wheel)

2 Hour proffessional driving lesson with a qualified and experienced instructor. School cars have double steering wheel, gas, and brakes for added safety. Free pickup and drop-off from home, work, or school.

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dmv Drive Test & 1.5 Hr Lesson

Use our Dual-Control-Car for your DMV Drive Test. This is a 3-hour program that includes 1.5 hours Drive Test + 1.5 hours professional  lesson that enables the student to learn and grasp driving test techniques and skills to  assist the student to be successful in Behind The Wheel  Exam.
*Fremont and Hayward DMV only*
1.5 Hrs + DMV Test for $190: Enroll Online

dmv Drive Test & 30 min lesson

Enables the student to use our Dual-Control-Car for DMV Drive Test. Includes 30 minutes of Pre-Drive-Test practice imparting special techniques and skills to assist the student pass the DMV Exam.
*Fremont and Hayward DMV only*
30 Mins + DMV Test for $180: Enroll Online

driving school for adults

Mission Driving School is one of the very few schools to have Double Steering Wheel, Brakes, and Gas Pedal on the passenger side for safety and accelerated learning.

Once you obtain your learners permit from DMV, we will be happy to set up your first professional driving lesson. Each lesson is a minimum of 2 hours and can be taken daily, seven days a week. We provide free pickup and return from home, work, or school.

We have very low rates compared to other schools in the Bay Area and our quality is one of the highest.

driving instructors:

All Mission Driving School instructors are licensed by the DMV of California. Our instructors are friendly, patient, professional and competent. All instructors carry their credentials with them when providing driving lessons. If requested, we can provide multilingual instructors.

safety first

To ensure maximum safety, our cars have a Steering Wheel, Gas Pedal, and Brakes on passenger side. All training cars are automatic with air conditioner and heat systems. Small "Student Driver" stickers on each door, and on the rear.

We are one of the few schools to have Double Steering Wheel in all cars.